Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Let's hear it for the iron man....

So much for my cast iron constitution!! Perhaps I really did jinx myself.

Woke up today with a distinctly unpleasant stomach pain. Seems my system is not quite as strong as I had believed. It is probably for the best that I do not put too find a point on it, but let's just say that I spent the journey into the office this morning (I did get up and go) counting all the things that are preferable to this feeling, reached infinity and decided to call it a day! (Isn't the internet marvellous! A few keystrokes in a Delhi hotel and the entire world can discover the state of my digestive system!!!).

Peter seems uneffected, but I do keep reminding him that he will be very lucky to avoid this for 6 months!! He seemed to enjoy telling everyone he spoke to this morning that I was feeling a bit delicate, so every few minutes I was greated with a, "Morning Wez, how is your stomach?"!

Aside from this disability I did manage to function pretty well today. Peter, Rajeev and myself had a very long meeting and discussed many different possibilities for the software. Some things seemed a bit tricky, but many things were achievable. A very worthwhile discussion.

Then Peter and I left to visit an apartment. The one I mentioned in my previous post with all the onsite facilities. It was a pretty great place. Couple of minor points to fix up but nothing serious. I think we have made our decision. I will get some photos when I can.

After this we returned to the office to continue our meeting and discuss the last few points. Then Rajeev hopped in the car with me and Peter and we took the (long and dangerous feeling) journey back to Gurgaon. Rajeev invited us in for a drink with escalated to drink and a Pizza. I was still feeling a bit delicate but a bit better at this point so I agreed and I am glad I did.

Rajeev and his wife are great people, and very interesting people to talk to. They seem to like to skip the small talk and get straight into the details of cultural differences, conspiracy theories and whether google is malevolent or benevolent. This suits me very well because I am not one for small talk either. We had a nice long talk and a few good laughs. Enjoyed the evening immensely. They were even kind enough to give me a couple of alkaseltzer tablets to settle my stomach. I hope they work ok since we are supposed to be moving out of the hotel and into the appartment tomorrow night.

Well it is coming up to 1AM now and it has been a long day. So time for me to hit the hay. More soon.

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